First of all, thanks for taking a look through my site - I'm Kristina an experienced photographer with an enthusiasm for capturing the perfect photos. Currently living in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, I enjoy traveling and experiencing different cultures.


In the past, I've worked in Tenerife, Lithuania, and China and love learning the local way of life. I use my passion for photography to engage with the communities, using it as a tool to encourage conversation and to build relationships. This has inspired some of my recent work "People of Harrogate" - a mini-blog exploring the lives of everyday Harrogate folk that I stop in the street.

Stolen moment Photography was born here in Harrogate, inspired by my previous projects, and my desire to pursue the art of photography. My goal is to capture the important moments in life, allowing them to be remembered and cherished. It is a personal reward for me to work with you, in a relaxed, un-staged, natural environment to capture those “true - unadulterated” moments in your life. 


See you soon, 



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My name is Kristina


07 999 665 942


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