Q & A 

Some more details about me and my photography...


How would you describe your photography style?

I would say, playful cinematic wedding/family photographer, my approach is rooted in visual storytelling. Colour-wise, I lean towards the warmer shades, while maintaining an aesthetic, flawless, elegant look. My goal is to tell your story. For Families to capture the little ones growing and capture that genuine childhood. for Weddings include the must-have shots, but also those genuine, candid in-between moments – stolen kisses and looks, touches, hugs, smiles. When working with couples, I always strive to help everyone feel comfortable in their own skin and find photography natural, playful, and just a part of the whole "shebang" experience which helps bring out those natural, cherished moments and refine them with a warm, golden edit. Take a look at my portfolio to get a better idea of the type of photography I offer.

How do I need to prepare for a photoshoot /wedding?

I recommend making a Pinterest board with pictures of ideas that help us to communicate and get the best result. Also, if you want to use props always welcome: car, special shoes, or dress up the way you like I think it is a must! The most important is to have fun and I will help with everything else. 

How about same - sex marriage??

Of course, love has many names and is endless so let's capture your love. 

Do you travel? Travel fees?

I’m based in Harrogate and traveling is, was, and will be my passion. I try to explore as much as I can. I did weddings in England, Europe, and even Indonesia, and I’d be thrilled to travel to your location and capture your wedding too. Based on the location, I might need to charge travel fees, so if you are thinking about a destination wedding, please message me!

What do you love the most about photographing weddings?


While photographing weddings, I love those in-between moments, where the posing stops and true, unstaged moments comes in front of my camera: closest family members seeing her in a wedding dress, that short moment right after the first kiss when they realize “We did it!”, His and her eyes when they hear dad’s speech. Sometimes couples need a little help for those emotions to shine, and I am always there! Families with kids are so fun to capture because kids have so much energy and love that it is visible with the naked eye and family moments are the best. 

Do we need a meeting before the wedding/family photography?

I love getting to know the couples I work with. To help you make the most out of your wedding photography package, I set up an initial virtual “date” so we can have a chat about who you are, your wedding Yays.... and Nays... and your expectations for your wedding photos. I think it’s important for us to get to know each other so you can decide whether we’re a good fit! for family photoshoots, I am making a Pinterest board and having a chat on a phone or messenger. It helps us to see the same vision and get the best result.  

Do you take engagement photos?

Absolutely. I love this part, it is so intimate moment and I am so happy to capture it. Engagement photos are a great “wedding trial” – it gives you an idea of how your wedding photography will be on the big day, all while providing you with an elegant memento. Shooting an engagement session not only gives you a beautiful set of pictures to cherish, but it also allows you to experience what working with me will be like on your wedding day. Also, I found that my couples use these pictures in the wedding invitation. How cool is that!

When will we receive our photos?

Per our contract, it’s 3-6 weeks to receive all of your finished images. Usually, the sneak-peek of a wedding day (30-50 images) is delivered within 5 days of the wedding.

How do I order albums?

When your images are completed, they are hosted in a private online gallery for easy viewing and selecting images for the albums. From there you can be fully involved in your album making. Easy, fun, and absolutely your way.