Blogging journey by @sunshinesarahxo 💕

“It is nice to be in a place where people are proud of where they are from. It makes me proud to be from Yorkshire and to live in Harrogate. I am a blogger and @sunshinesarahxo is my blog about lifestyle. I don't like writing about just one thing, I think that when you write about things

you love and restaurants you enjoy going yourself you get the right people reading your blog and it just grows organically. I am just trying to be consistent and to link things I am writing about. . I was inspired to become a blogger by other people. I started blogging in 2012 when I was playing an online fashion game, the initial idea was that I will show off outfits that I created on the app, but I never did this, but this was how everything started. I’ve been through 2 name changes since, to come up with one I have today. . I also write about mental health. It is such a wide theme and you can write about so many different subjects. Like how working hard can affect your mental health and later you could suffer from a brain fog, which impairs your ability to do literally anything. . It happened to me because I was working all the time. Those small everyday tasks become insurmountable because my brain couldn’t function properly and I felt like a robot. I write about the downside of it, but also I write about it afterwards, some of the remedies, and the lessons I learnt. I try to give both sides to the story because it is not always bad, it is more about maintaining a healthy balance between work and life. . My blog is a very positive place to come even when I write about brave things - the things are hard to write about. I believe there are a lot of people who can relate to what I write and I hope my experience can help them to learn something or just feel better about themselves as it helps me. “ @people.of_harrogate together with @sunshinesarahxo @theveganishblogger @theharrogatecollective


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