Inspiring story about @elisha_blogs and her love for performing arts ❤️

“I always loved dancing and singing since I was little. Now I am teaching kids at @actacademyuk , where I used to go when I was a teenager and now I work here. Musical theatre has always been the one thing that stirs my soul and always has done. . Les Misérables is my favourite musical and some of the best music that has ever been written. When I heard the song “I Dreamed A Dream” that was a song which just spoke with my soul and I thought oh my god what is this?? . This pandemic made me realise that life is too short really, I think there is no point being miserable and if you don't like something just make a change. I think we take for granted a lot of little things that we are used to and when they are taken from you, you realise what you had. So I think we should appreciate what you have and if something is not serving you just walk away from it now. . I would say in my life I’ve tried to find myself and my purpose and I realised that it’s always been musical theatre that has been the connector. I’ve stopped doing it for a while because it became overwhelming and wasn't making me happy anymore, now taking that time back and trying to reconnect and re-find the love again has been really good for me. I feel like you only live once and if you never give a try you never will. . If I would be in a movie my character would be half princess, half action girl. The Disney movie “Tangled” has a soft spot in my heart. I really like that one because she is a bit cheeky and she is forced to be that perfect girl, but she is more like: “- No I need to know a little more” and so she is a little naughty and mischievous with a strong will. I like the modern Disney princesses, they have a bit of a mind of their own.” ❤️😊 . Thank you @elisha_blogs for inspiring me to follow what I love it was amazing to meet you✨ #harrogate #elishablog #harrogateblog #ukblogger #harrogatebloggers #harrogatelife #home #london #londontheatre #westendlondon #actacademyharrogate #performingarts #musicaltheatre #leedsblogger #lockdown2020 #weblognorth #fashionbloggersuk #disney #disneynerd #tangled #socialdistancingwalktalk #love #performingartisphotography #loveharrogate #harrogatephotographer #lesmiserables #Idreamedadream #westendlife #storytellingphotography #peopleofharrogate