Korean beauty secrets with wonderful Linda Cheung Lee @lindacheunglee

I have a hobby which you probably know - I do beauty stuff on a side and I love it. 🧡

I started to do skin care randomly. So I went on Instagram and did a post and it got popular and people like it. I am not an intentional blogger,

it happens naturally as a hobby.

Instagram was just my little platform to expose my experiment with beauty products. I started following people who do skincare. I've been influenced by other beauty bloggers. I like their post and they like my post back. Later on it went into a loop. People start sharing my content, asking for advice and I love what I do.


All my selfies are filter free, I want to give an honest opinion about the products I tried and used as a part of my skincare experiment. I feel like people want to see the results of those products that I use.


I found instagram a very positive place and people's positivity keeps me going. Originally I am doing skincare posts, but recently I started lifestyle blogging too about food, restaurants and drinks. I love food and I enjoy eating it so it blends in my blog so well.


If I could do anything I would open my beauty shop. But I think it is too risky and I am afraid if my hobby becomes my work then it is not fun anymore as it becomes more of a need than joy.


I have been working every day since lockdown, like non stop. Weekends were a relaxing time for me. So it was more like a routine for me. It feels like Lockdown is over now and everything got back to normal and all the people wanted that everything would get back to normal as soon as possible, but I hope we are still aware that the virus is still out there, please stay safe guys.


Dear reader do you have a hobby you are passionate about?💕🤩




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