People of Harrogate

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if you are a local or a passing tourist, check out this tour with Harry! Free Walking Tour Harrogate It is such a passionate trip around one of the most iconic spa towns in UK. . . I had one question after taking his tour: “How did he get started?” . . “My background is in hospitality I spent all my all life in hotels and restaurants, I was fed up, like a beast inside of me, I wanted to meet cool people from all around the world, so this idea popped to my head and I decided to do it. So, I found a stick, I bought this board, which you can see, spent 3 weeks in the library and this is how everything started. Later I met lots of locals which told me more new stories and improves my knowledge about this town every day. My dad used to say: Everybody knows something that you don’t know. If I going to meet 20 new people, I will learn 20 new things.” . . Please try this tour if you didn’t, here is some details 🤓 on Fb or

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