Posing tips and how to relax in front of the camera ❤️😊


I just love summer because you have all best elements together, the heat which frees your spirit, the sun to bronze your skin, the wind to style your hair, and the rain which washes everything away to start again, and occasionally that summer storm, where the lightning sparks awake your spirit - the whole shebang!⚡️ 💕 I’ve taken these pictures of Penelope in one of the most beautiful parks in Harrogate.

@pinewoods_harrogate and @fovg.valley.gardens 💕❤️


Tip #1: Start with the Basics!

Get to know your photographer and chat before posing. While you chat, the photographer can take some images to allow you to warm up. Stand straight, move to one side or another, and put one of your hands in your pocket. Place your weight on one hip and give some relaxed motion to your body, it easily translates to a relaxed look in your images.

Tip #2: Play with your hair Play with your hair, try to look to one or the other side. If you have short hair you can brush your hands through it, to create some dramatic looks, or if you have long hair you can try to play with them, use the wind to your advantage, and get some classic shots.

Tip #3: Take a seat

Seated poses add another layer of dimension to portraits because there are so many different directions you can go with it. It can help to relax and create an informal and casual look. On the other hand, seating poses can give you an opportunity to play with props like a beautiful chair, carpet or even a swing.

Tip #4: Try a jump!

Get active and add extra dynamic for your images, try to jump and give some motion for your body. It can make your hair messy so maybe leave this shot till last. A less involved action pose that might be easier is to try to extend one of your arms or legs.

Tip #5: Feel comfortable with your body and the photographer will help you out with the rest!

Relax, be playful and have fun. Your poses should feel comfortable and natural to you. Taking photoshoots with me I always help you and suggest some extra moves, so don't worry, the photographer is always there for you to help out.


Have you ever thought about photoshoot but never been brave enough to have one? Message me and I will tell you how easy, fun and memorable it is.

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