Sean - Being an Unconventional PT and Gym manager at Beckwith Gym

I love Harrogate and I have lived here over 20 years. I like festivals here like the light festivals with a live band and lots of light in valley gardens, I believe it was 3-4 years ago. I like that place near the golf course, little wood wonderland. You just feel like in Lord of the rings, it is very adventurous and the walk is amazing and there are very few people and it feels like you have all the places for yourself.

I am not actually very sporty, but when I was about 18 me and a friend we started creating a rustic gym in my garage and then I started training. It was like a project which we did. Quickly my other friends started coming there regularly and it was like a place to meet with everyone and I noticed that my body responded very quickly to weight lifting. This is how my gym career started.

I am an external PT, but just before lockdown I took a job offer to become manager in Beckwith gym. It is a completely different experience and challenges me every day. I used to be responsible just for myself and now I am responsible for everyone in Beckwith gym, but I am lucky to work with such a great team.

Training for me is clearing my head and I like it. So I am more like an unconventional gym instructor, PT, but also I've always been interested in painting models, like little miniatures for games, geeky stuff. I love reading, playing games, and watching movies. Kirsty likes baking and I love coffee. I can imagine us one day opening a cafe together.

I've recently read a book called “Julian” by Gore Vidal. It was hard at the beginning to understand what was going on, but later I just got hooked. Give a try, it is a really good book.

My favourite exercise... I love dead-lifts, it is my favourite exercise. I find them very easy, but I think it can be a bit difficult for other people, because you need to engage the right muscles. But if you start liking this you might get hooked. I can lift 3 times my body weight, it feels like achievement.

When I train people I realise that it is not about the training itself, but it is more about the PT personality, connecting with people, helping them achieve goals. Others can come just for the social aspect. Different people like different things, and styles of coaching, some might like strict and goal orientated targets, whereas others just come to spend a great time.

During lock down I felt like reliving my teens. Having no responsibilities and growing my hair long, reconnecting with my friends, gaming on discord and even gaining weight.

Me and My partner Kirsty decided to travel and do more like a bucket list before we settle down. This year our travelling plans were canceled and we did “the dales way” . It starts at Ilkley and you can walk till the “Lake district”, something like 87 miles. We kept everyone updated how we been doing during this walk.

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